Building Futures


Name: Jack Mulvey
Age: 20
From: Glasgow
Apprenticeship Programme: Plumbing
College: Glasgow Clyde College

Jack Mulvey began his career with CCG in August 2019 where he started as part of the company’s annual intake of trade apprentices. The intake of young adults is facilitated by a year-on-year commitment to skills replenishment, enabled by the delivery of construction projects across Scotland. Jack joined as a 2nd-year apprentice joiner having previously worked in general labouring and taking a break from construction altogether. Now back into a routine and finding a new sense of independence, his role in the site has become a lot more hands-on even though he says that listening is still very important.

He began his apprenticeship working on Nethan Street in Govan, which (for a local lad) was a great achievement in helping him give back to his local community. Having been based on several other residential developments to understand new, applied skills, he is now proudly based at Riverford Gardens in the South Side of Glasgow. He discusses the difference between each job and how Riverford Gardens has enabled him to be more hands-on with different types of works which have now led to fully completed houses, a rewarding feeling to him as he sees people move into their brand new homes.

What he is confident in stating is that the projects may differ in types and sizes, but the necessary application to do his job to the standards expected of him remains’ the same. Jack counts his site management team as a very positive influence on maintaining an approach to quality workmanship.

Jack’s biggest challenge was being reintegrated into the site environment after nearly 2 years away but he has made a big effort to keep pushing himself which he has done happily. What Jack enjoys most about his apprenticeship is the skills he is learning and being able to make the most out of his time and he hopes to be offered a job once he has graduated…of course, with CCG.

Jack’s advice to anyone looking to join an apprenticeship would be to do it: “It’s the best thing that they could do as it’s a trade profession for life, even if you don’t do it forever, it gives you something to fall back on.”