Building Futures


Name: Jack Mulvey
Age: 19
From: Glasgow
Apprenticeship Programme: Plumbing
College: Glasgow Kelvin College

Jack Mulvey (19) joined CCG in August 2019 as part of the company’s annual trade apprentice intake. This intake of young adults is facilitated by a year-on-year commitment to skills replenishment enabled by the delivery of construction projects across Scotland. In the case of Jack and three other trade apprentices (Marc Morrison, Mark Robertson and Johnathan Moore), they were employed as a direct result of the £15m Nethan Street project in Govan comprising the construction of 82 affordable homes and the conversion of the former Hills Trust Primary School.


I live with my parents on Crossloan Road in Govan so I am a local lad and to work on my very first project so close to my home is great; I feel like I am giving something back to the community.

I became interested in plumbing after working with my brother who also works in the trade and so far, the programme has been really enjoyable. I’ve only been with CCG since August but even in the short space of time with the company, I would recommend doing a trade apprenticeship as the variety of projects and responsibility is really rewarding. I am looking forward to learning more and hopefully when I graduate, I’ll be better than my brother!