Building Futures

Employee Case Study

Name of Employee: Lyle Musuraca

From: Galston, East Ayrshire

Job Role: Trainee Quantity Surveyor

Years with CCG: 2.5


What was your first job?: Whilst still at school, I worked as a Fruit and Vegetable Assistant for Tesco.

What lead you to train as a buyer?:  An older friend who was studying at Quantity Surveying at university at the time had pointed out potentially following that avenue. After gaining experience through a school work placement, I decided to carry it on as I found it very interesting.

How has working in the CCG Group helped you in your career development?: CCG provided a platform for me to work whilst attending university, which allows me to apply theory into practice on a daily basis. Working with individuals with significant experience in the Construction Industry and running my own projects with the assistance of my Senior Surveyor has also significantly helped develop my career.

How would you describe working at CCG?: Working in CCG is often busy but very satisfying. Seeing a project go from a set of drawings to being handed over is very fulfilling.

What do you like most about working as a Quantity Surveyor?: Interaction with different sections of the supply chain is often interesting. I also enjoy the balance of time that is spread between the office and on site.

What have you found the most challenging about your job?: Time management. Overseeing various projects running simultaneously was initially hard to deal with, however, assistance from my Senior Surveyor and various other members of staff has allowed me to become more efficient with my workload.

What has been your best achievement in your career so far?: Seeing myself become more confident within my role to the point of being able to manage various projects at the same time.

If you could switch your job with anyone in the company, whose job would you want?: I would like to be able to do a trade so I could gain better my technical understanding.

What is your next step in your career?: I have always wanted to do a Master’s degree but I need to get passed another 2 years of my honours degree before looking at that!

What advice do you have for prospective Construction industry candidates?: Don’t be put off by the lack of information available. At school, construction was never a career that was promoted as much as I feel it should be.

Any random facts you would like to share?:

  • I have recently started Munro bagging which involves hill walking across Scotland. It’s fun but tiring!