Building Futures

Employee Case Study

Name of Employee: Mark Reed

From: Bargeddie

Job Role: Labourer

Years with CCG: 3 months


What was your first job?:

I started my career in construction as a labourer with Seddon’s, a contractor based in Bathgate.

What lead you to train in construction?: 

I’ve always been quite practical and hands-on and felt it was a good career with these skills in mind. I’ve been proven right so far!

How has working in the CCG Group helped you in your career development?:

Firstly, through accepting me on to a two-week work placement on site through Youth Build Stage 4, an Action for Children training programme in construction. I was then offered employment with CCG as a labourer on-site so the company has been instrumental in my career development to date.

How would you describe working at CCG?: 

CCG is a good company to work for and I can see there is a chance to grow through the available in-house training and apprenticeship programmes.

What do you like most about working as a labourer?: 

Assisting with the day to day tasks onsite, which change daily. I’m also enjoying the security of the full-time job.

What have you found the most challenging about your job?: 

I recently got the opportunity to build my first PASMA scaffold tower on a live construction site called Burnmouth Road, a residential development in Barlanark. This type of task really put my training to the test.

What has been your best achievement in your career so far?:

Gaining official certifications through my Youth Build training. Becoming certified gives you a much better chance of securing employment and of course worked out for me as I have now achieved that with CCG. For that, I am extremely proud.

If you could switch your job with anyone in the company, whose job would you want?:

Barry McGunnigal, AM Foreperson onsite at Burnmouth Road.

What is your next step in your career?:

I’d like to apply for an Apprenticeship with CCG in either as a Plumber or Joiner. I will be applying in the New Year for next year’s intake.

What advice do you have for prospective Construction industry candidates?: 

I would recommend looking into training through an apprenticeship or college. A career in construction is very hands-on but also very rewarding.

Any random facts you would like to share?:

  • I am a Christian.