Building Futures

Employee Case Study

Name of Employee: Stuart Andrews

From: Motherwell

Job Role: Site Manager

Years with CCG: 4.5


What was your first job?: I worked as a coachbuilder for A. Gray & Sons in Coatbridge before I left to pursue my career in construction.

What lead you to train as a Site Manager?: Good career progression and a desire to work in a challenging environment.

How has CCG helped you in your career development?: I have always been pushed out of my comfort zone to progress my professional development, but also very well supported at the same time. I have always been given advice and direction from my line manager. CCG’s Trainee Site Manager scheme was invaluable to my professional development.

How would you describe working at CCG?: Very challenging but also very rewarding. I have been involved in many different projects and gained vast experience in a relatively short period of time. Always well supported and my professional development has been fast-tracked to allow me to advance my career.

What do you like most about your role as a Site Manager?: The sense of achievement upon the completion of a project as well as the management of young tradesmen/women and watching their skills develop.

What have you found most challenging about your role as a Site Manager?: I have been involved in very fast paced and challenging projects where every day presents new challenges and obstacles. You constantly have to think on your feet and make important decisions quickly.

What has been your best achievement in your career so far?: Successful completion of an 8 Classroom teaching facility for South Lanarkshire College – The first ‘BREEAM Outstanding’ building in the UK. This was my first project as a Site Manager and was shortlisted for BREEAM 2016 healthcare and education award.

What is your next step in your career development?: Project Management on commercial new build projects.

If you could switch your job with anyone in the CCG Group, who would it be?: I would switch with either Paul Muldoon, CCG Specialist Building Services Manager, or Derek Gall, Contracts Manager, who are both guys I have worked with closely during my time with the company.

What advice do you have for prospective Construction industry candidates?: Although Construction is a very rewarding industry to be part of, be prepared for hard work and sacrifice. Each project is unique and building methods are ever changing – so be prepared to learn something new every day.

What facts can you tell us about you outside of work?:

  • Second oldest of four siblings.
  • My favourite dinner is chicken fajitas.
  • Keen basketball player.
  • Terrible golf player but looking to improve in 2017.
  • Love the gym and running – looking forward to competing in my first 10k this year.