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Employee Case Study

Name of Employee: Robert Gow

From: Renfrew

Job Role: CCG Asset Management Foreperson

Years with CCG: 19 years


What was your first job?:

I worked in the Glasgow Cleansing Dept when I was sixteen years old.

What lead you to train in construction?: 

My Uncle got me a job with a plumbing company and I became a plumber’s mate. I enjoyed that job and have stayed within the industry ever since.

How has working in the CCG Group helped you in your career development?:

I started with CCG as a labourer for CCG Asset Management and have remained with the division since then. The skills learned as a labourer are still valuable to this day as an AM Foreperson.

How would you describe working at CCG?: 

Good, challenging, and keeps my brain active!

What do you like most about working as a foreperson?: 

My role offers me the flexibility of managing my own time when performing a contract which is always beneficial given how busy the AM team can be. I also enjoy the different types of jobs – working with Asset Management, we operate on live construction sites or in occupied housing which each bring different challenges however the variety always keeps it interesting.

What have you found the most challenging about your job?: 

Meeting project timescales is always a challenge for anyone in construction. Programmes can always through up different problems but it is up to us on site to perform our works to the best of our abilities and to deal with any issues to ensure our clients are happy.

What has been your best achievement in your career so far?:

Being promoted from Labourer to AM Foreperson is an obvious highlight and I am extremely proud to have reached this position. I also recently got experience in Australia as an AM Foreperson which was personally something that I always wanted to do.

If you could switch your job with anyone in the company, whose job would you want?:

Alastair Wylie, CEO!

What is your next step in your career?:

At this present time, I am very happy in my role. I want to maintain the high standards that my company and I expect of myself. There is always room to improve and I am looking forward to the future with CCG.

What advice do you have for prospective Construction industry candidates?: 

Work hard, be enthusiastic and be willing to learn.

Any random facts you would like to share?:

  • I emigrated to Australia for 20 months. It was a really great experience but I am glad to be back home in Renfrew!