Building Futures

Graduate QS Case Study

Name: Lyle Musuraca
Age: 22
From: Ayrshire
Training Programme: Quantity Surveying
University: Glasgow Caledonian

I joined CCG straight from school at the age of 17 where I assisted qualified surveyors with day-to-day tasks. It is a job role that I retained up until my second year of university before being given more responsibility by running small value projects from our Asset Management division before being involved in higher value projects as I progressed through my degree. I think this approach really helped me grasp the basics of the role and I am proud to state that I currently run a total of 3 new build housing projects.

It may be strange to hear but I had planned to go into teaching, however, the lack of jobs and opportunity for career progression was unsettling. Both my Dad and a family friend suggested looking at construction but I couldn’t take it seriously as I was never given enough information at school. With a bit of research and a better understanding of potential pathways, I knew it was a good fit with quantity surveying being my preferred option.

To earn while you learn is a great way of being introduced to working – I didn’t even know you could go to Uni part-time until I received the job offer from CCG! I would always recommend it. I don’t think I would have even seen university out without attending in this manner. It allows you to reinforce any learning you do almost instantly whilst you are working with guys that have been working within the role for many years, and you pick up stuff up all the time. You come out the end with a degree and 5 years of experience; it’s a real head-start on those who were in full-time education.

I am excited for the next few years. I recently signed up for my APC from RICS which I will hopefully complete within the next 2 years and the job itself is very enjoyable. I like working with various people/trades/consultants and seeing how drawings can become actual homes or buildings – it’s very rewarding.

My advice to a prospective graduate would be to try and not feel too daunted by the prospect of full-time work. I would say that the majority of the learning for me came from colleagues or in-job training so go for it and trust in yourself.