Building Futures

Trainee Timber Frame Designer Case Study

Name: Sunniva Johansen
Age: 25
From: Norway
Training Programme: CCG OSM Timber Frame Designer
College: City of Glasgow College

Before starting my career in timber frame design, I undertook an HND CAADT full-time course at college. It was my college lecturer who actually informed me about the designer position with CCG OSM and so I took the opportunity with both hands and, thankfully, secured the role.

My principle day-to-day role is of course in the design of timber frame systems, namely the ‘iQ’ Timber System, that CCG OSM manufactures. The system is one of the most advanced in the UK so I am learning a lot. The factory is also very busy with many different projects so, whilst the system is somewhat similar across a number of projects, I still have a good bit of variety. To aid my understanding further, I make as much commitment as I can to learning about timber in construction and the wider industry.

The hands-on experience that I am getting is hugely important. I know what I want to do for my career and the working environment at CCG OSM is really helping me towards my goals. Timber frame and the wider use of timber in the industry is increasing all the time; to have this understanding now will really help me in the future.

CCG is a very busy construction company. The ‘iQ’ Timber System is being used for a lot of projects, namely in housebuilding, so for this point, it is a very enjoyable place to work. Also, my colleagues are great. Our office can be very busy at times but it is filled with very knowledgable people which is very beneficial to my learning process.

Because of the real-life experience of working for a business and the practical knowledge that comes from that, I would strongly recommend people look towards a training programme. What I am learning cannot be taught on a school bench and I am gaining valuable credibility as well as confidence.