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A statement from our Chairman and CEO, Alastair Wylie:

Following the announcement from the UK Prime Minister and Scotland’s First Minister’s statement last night that a Lockdown is necessary to combat the threat arising from the COVID-19 virus, CCG (Scotland) has taken the necessary action to move towards complete Lockdown of our sites, factories and offices.

Whilst emphasis was made on essential activities, we at CCG accept this as a clear instruction to undertake the “essentials” that require to be implemented to prepare for the inevitable “Lockdown”.

Given the role of Main Contractor on all of our projects, we at CCG need to co-ordinate the activities of others in achieving the desired “Lockdown” and in this regard, all essential activities should be implemented now to secure full “Lockdown” by this coming Friday 27 March 2020.

CCG office staff will be operating remotely wherever possible in order to support our clients, professionals and supply chain partners during working hours.

Can I emphasise that from the close of business today (Tuesday 24 March) only essential activities on all our projects will be permitted to secure “Lockdown” by Friday.

Whilst there remains at this hour mixed messages with regards further clarification, we at CCG must accept the inevitable for the sake of the wellbeing of the population of our nation and therefore our Lockdown implementation is compulsory with deviation only applying to totally unforeseen circumstances that may arise over the next day or two which require “essential” action out with that currently planned.

We ask for your understanding during these most difficult of circumstances but we genuinely believe that these measures are essential and in the best interests of us all.

Further announcements will be made during the course of today and tomorrow should the situation change radically and therefore we will communicate accordingly.

We wish to send our best wishes to anyone affected by these current events and
please remember to visit nhsinform.scotcoronavirus for more information on how to keep yourself and others safe.

Emergency repairs/ out-of-hours operations managed by CCG Customer Care will remain operational during this time with anyone requiring emergency repairs asked to contact:
0141 643 3744