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CCG  has commenced a window replacement contract with Govanhill Housing Association in the south side of Glasgow.

Utilising our integrated Group structure, the windows will be designed and manufactured by our in-house manufacturing division, and will be installed by specialist upgrade and renewals contract division, Specialist Building Services (SBS).

CCG’s design for manufacture capability is attributed to the bespoke, CNC production line that is at our  headquarters in Cambuslang. This semi-automated production hub enables timber window and door products to be manufactured to the highest quality standard and made available in a variety of finishes and specification thanks to specialist staff and machinery that includes a robotic paint system.

The Timber Fully Reversible Window will be used for the contract with over 500 windows manufactured for a total of 74 properties in North Govanhill. The installation, led by CCG SBS, will be undertaken over a 20-week programme.

CCG SBS Manager, Paul Muldoon, said: “CCG have worked with Govanhill Housing Association extensively over the past few years including a window replacement contract in 2017 which covered 86 properties as well as the newbuild construction of affordable homes currently on-site at Inglefield Street which is due for completion later this year.

Both divisions are delighted to continue our work with the Association and we will seek to utilise our expertise to replicate the success of past contracts ensuring a high-quality, efficient installation.”

 John McLardie, Chairperson of Govanhill Housing Association, said:

“This latest phase of replacing older window units with new double-glazed high-performance timber windows is a key feature of the Association’s ongoing Major Repairs and Planned Maintenance programme which aims to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel bills for our tenants. We look forward to another successful contract with CCG.

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