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CCG has completed a brand new waste transfer and recycling centre on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council.

Located north of the city centre, the new station accommodates garden waste, dry mixed recycling, mixed glass and mechanical sweepings waste streams and will service an additional waste treatment centre located in Dalkeith which will become operational in 2019.

Seafield Depot 2 has been constructed as part of the Council’s ‘Waste and Cleansing Improvement Plan’ in order to improve facilities with waste management as well as creating a more modern working environment for staff members.

Transport and Environment Convener, Councillor Lesley Macinnes, said:

“I am delighted to see the completion of this new waste transfer station at Seafield, which will enhance our waste and cleansing service by providing an efficient, reliable facility. These improvements will be further realised when our new Energy from Waste facility at Millerhill becomes operational next year.”

CCG Chairman and CEO Alastair Wylie said:

“The Seafield Depot 2 contract will go a long way to assisting the City of Edinburgh Council with the management of their waste and recycling services.

“We thank the Council for their commitment throughout the construction programme and we look forward to continuing our work together with the delivery of over 260 mixed-tenure homes across the Craigmillar region of the city.”

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