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SOME of Scotland’s leading private companies from within the Construction and Care sectors have joined forces to enable the strategic development of luxury care homes across the breadth of the country.

CCG (Scotland) Ltd, one of Scotland’s largest construction and manufacturing firms, and Morrison Community Care Group, a nationally-recognised private care provider, have formed a joint venture in response to increasing demand for modern care accommodation as a result of the country’s ageing population.

Paul Sokhi will leave his role as managing director of Morrison Community Care Limited (after six years at the helm) to take up a similar role within the newly-formed Morrison Community Care (CCG) Holdco Ltd and will help drive the use of new technologies and the adoption of industry-leading care services that have become synonymous with the Morrison brand.

Paul said: “Both firms have already worked together for half a decade having successfully created two luxury care homes with a further two presently under construction. With an ageing population and people living longer, there is a growing demand for modern luxury accommodation, with strong infection control design, for older people in Scotland.  Thus, it is very exciting to be involved with this new JV developing new homes and focusing on design and technology to improve the lives of older people and make a positive contribution to local communities now and in the future.”

CCG Managing Director David Wylie states that this a big advantage to the long-term success of the company.

He said: “Having already established a successful working relationship, both companies understand what is expected of ourselves and this is a valuable commodity when we are looking to achieve the very highest standards of quality and service.

“For CCG, the creation of our care homes utilise every division from within our group of companies ranging from the securing of the land to construction, manufacturing and building services. By having an “all-under-one-roof” approach, we can create fully optimised solutions as a result of Paul and his team’s knowledge of the Care sector that then allows us to bring projects forward faster and ultimately help bridge the gap between supply and demand for care in Scotland.

“It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity for not only us but for the sector and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

Works continue between the companies on two developments with Queens Harbour Luxury Suites (56 beds) and Livilands Luxury Suites Care Facility (50 beds) both set to launch in 2021.

*PICTURED: Paul Sokhi, Morrison Community Care Group (left), CCG Managing Director, David Wylie (right). Image was taken pre-COVID-19

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