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CCG Specialist Building Services (SBS) has completed the final phase of planned renewals for Hillhead Housing Association (HHA), covering window replacements to 65 properties. Phase 11 of the home improvement programme marks a total £14.6 million invested by HHA in the area of Kirkintilloch over the last 12 years.

To commemorate this achievement, members of HHA, including Chairperson Claire Taylor, presented residents with flowers alongside CCG SBS Manager, Paul Muldoon, and Site Manager, Gerry Hughes.

Claire Taylor said: “It is a fabulous achievement for the Association to have finally completed a continuous housing investment programme to 640 homes that will bring many benefits to our tenants and the wider community. Together with our new build housing we can be very proud of what we have achieved since taking control of the area’s housing stock from the council.”

Paul Muldoon added: “The completion of Phase 11 is a landmark achievement for the CCG Group as it has utilised a quality window product manufactured by CCG Windows and Doors as well as the technical expertise of the SBS Division for the installation. We have been on site for a very long time and it is a proud moment to have completed the final phase and we are glad that so many families will benefit from the enhanced energy efficiency standards brought by the ‘Opus’ Fully Reversible Timber Window.

“On behalf of CCG I would like to thank the tenants of Hillhead Housing Association for their continued patience across all phases as well as the association themselves for their unwavering support over the last seven years.”

For more information about the Opus Timber Window and other CCG window products CLICK HERE.


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