Building Futures


CCG offers an enviable depth and range of project experience which has been tested across every sector of construction including social and private housing, student accommodation, health and education, commercial, industrial and retail building projects.

Fundamentally, CCG is a contractor but we are not just bricks and mortar. Our transition into main construction was an evolution from plumbing and heating installation and when compared with where we see ourselves now, our evolution has become more of a REVOLUTION having driven ourselves to lead by example in delivering quality and pushing the boundaries of modern construction technology.

This revolution stems from an ethos of continuous improvement. CCG has always been committed to creating a culture of leadership within our organisation – every member of our team strives for quality in order to meet the needs of our clients. Our revolt then has allowed us to gain experience in all construction forms: no contract is too large or too difficult.

CCG’s versatility is brought by an understanding of how efficient a construction site can be. We have optimised our capabilities by combining Modern Methods of Construction, delivered by the off-site manufactured ‘iQ’ system, which has been hugely successful in the residential and care sectors, however, from our understanding we have improved our construction practices across the board by removing inefficiencies where ever possible – take our BREEAM Outstanding Low Carbon Building as an example – and when these are combined, clients can be assured of delivery every time.

CCG’s applied approach to innovative construction practices has extended further in 2018 as we actively research the applied use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and other forms of structural building materials. With our client-led focus, our research into new technologies will allow us to further understand how we can achieve higher standards of quality, environmental performance, faster delivery and more a more efficient build.

Our construction methods and practices are directly aligned with and respond to the Scottish Government’s Sustainability Agenda.