Building Futures


CCG offers an enviable depth and range of project experience which has been tested across every sector of construction including housing, student accommodation, health, education, commercial and industrial projects.

We are an industry leader in the use of ‘Modern Methods’ of construction, integrating our unique offsite manufacturing capabilities with a refined approach to site-based efficiencies, quality and customer service.

This evolution stems from an ethos of continuous improvement. CCG is committed to creating a culture of leadership within our organisation – every member of our team strives to meet the needs of our clients and the consumer – bringing a unique versatility that delivers an enhanced understanding of how efficient the construction process can be.

We also undertake a comprehensive approach to project development integrating with our Construction division to including design, land acquisition, funding, securing statutory consent, and absolute delivery of housing. As a private and affordable housing developer, as well as having experience in mixed-use projects, our Developments team enjoy partnerships with private and public sectors clients alike as well as recognised public procurement organisations such as the Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA). 

This front-end engagement has recently led to a cost-effective, faster solution to housing delivery across central Scotland presently securing over 2,000 affordable homes over the next five years.

CCG is actively searching for land and opportunities to develop. If you have any opportunities then please contact CCG Director, Calum Murray at