Building Futures


CCG undertake a comprehensive approach to project development including design, land acquisition, funding, securing statutory consent, and absolute delivery of housing and commercial projects.

As a private and affordable housing developer, as well as having experience in the mixed-use sector, CCG Developments enjoy partnerships with private and public sectors clients. Working with procurement partners such as the Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA), this front-end engagement has recently led to a cost-effective, faster solution to housing delivery across central Scotland presently securing over 2,000 affordable homes over the next five years.

This efficiency and assurance of delivery is brought by CCG’s Development’s focus to provide a fully customised land and build solution tailored to suit individual requirements. This focus represents CCG’s commitment and desire to increase productivity in building and improving the scale and quality of housing with our partners, establishing positive and long-lasting relationships with the sector. The experience of the team is extensive with a proven track record of accomplishment of delivering high-quality homes at an exceptional rate.

CCG is uniquely placed because of its corporate structure and solid finances to deliver on a wide range of projects and can act as a contractor, developer, and manufacturer providing a seamless approach to project completion.

CCG is actively searching for land and opportunities to develop. If you have or know of any opportunities then please contact CCG Director, Calum Murray: