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On Friday 11th May Elderpark Housing welcomed Bailie John Kane to officially open the refurbishment of four blocks of flats in Crossloan Road, Govan, a contract undertaken by CCG.

Elderpark Housing was formed in 1975 with a remit to improve properties within the area and one of their earliest projects was a comprehensive refurbishment programme to improve these flats in Crossloan Road.

Forty years on from this refurbishment these have now been completely modernised including reducing the number of flats from 35 down to 31 by removing a third flat on some of the landings to increase the space for residents. Other new features include a utility room in each flat, internal wall insulation, communal wi-fi as standard and a complete makeover of the close and back court areas which retain the existing history.

Elspeth Millen, Chairperson of Elderpark Housing said:

“I am truly delighted with the end result and more importantly from what I gather the tenants are equally, if not more, pleased with the homes they will be living in. I believe one of the tenant’s brothers asked him if he had won the lottery and not told anyone!”

CCG Chairman and CEO, Alastair Wylie, said:

“CCG was delighted to be appointed to this contract where we working with a long-standing client in the form of Elderpark Housing Association. The contract itself was extensive and given the nature of the works, at times very challenging, particularly when considering the needs of the surrounding community and the future habitants, however, the rewards are there to be seen as the contract has been delivered to an incredibly high standard. I want to express my thanks to our expert site team that managed the contract and hope the tenants of the association enjoy in their new homes.”

Charlene Quinn, one of the tenants returning to her flat following the refurbishment works summed up what it meant to her and her family saying:

“I was dead excited that Elderpark Housing was renovating my flat then when I saw the changes, I was gobsmacked, it’s a great house to live in”.

The project cost approximately £3.5 million and has been funded 50% through a grant from the Scottish Government through Glasgow City Council’s Development and Regeneration Services with Elderpark Housing investing almost £1.8 million of their own resources.

Pictured: Bailie John Kane officially opening the refurbishment

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