Building Futures

Frameworks - SID

The Social Infrastructure and Development (SID) Framework has been newly set up by the NPS Group to deliver social infrastructure using the development value of surplus public or third sector assets.

Public or charitable bodies (Clients) will identify land assets for transfer to the Framework Member. Clients can then use value generated from developing those assets to deliver tangible benefits using the same Framework Member as part of one coherent deal, across multiple sites or in different locations, and negating the need for multiple procurements.

The Framework is intended to be used for the procurement and development of surplus sites for residential housing and other uses, and for the construction of additional social assets on other sites within the Client’s ownership. This will include all activities necessary to design, finance, develop and construct community assets (to include civic estate), further education colleges, nursing care homes and facilities, civil engineering, emergency services (eg police and fire), housing, and associated energy and other infrastructure.

CCG is one of five companies in the UK and the only company in Scotland to deliver the SID Framework.