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Not a day goes by where we don’t make use of the windows and doors in our homes, but how much thought do we actually give to them and how important is quality when it comes to their design?

At CCG we have an entire division responsible for the manufacture of windows and doors. That means that the time, precision and level of detail that goes into their design ensures quality as well as offering enhanced levels of energy performance.  This is becoming more and more important as we strive to improve environmental efficiency in new build construction and property upgrades to reduce energy consumption and expenditure.

I have worked with CCG for the past 24 years and my job here is to drive forward productivity and quality improvement in our production lines. Put simply, working alongside my production teams, I am responsible for the delivery and development of all CCG’s in-house manufactured timber window and door products.

Our product range is extensive with 6 window styles and 10 different door sets, with varying specification options and a broad palette of colours. You might be interested to know that over the past 12 months at CCG Manufacturing we’ve produced 17,200 external door and window units doors and 23,500 internal door set units for a wide range of projects.

This flexibility in design and specification is attributed to our manufacturing process. Our timber window and external door sets are manufactured at CCG (Scotland) Ltd’s headquarters in the Cambuslang Investment Park whilst internal doors are manufactured at the Clydesmill Industrial Estate, within 0.5 miles of our headquarters. Our two factories employ 40 people and each facility has a semi-automated CNC profilers and routers production line to ensure every product is manufactured efficiently and with precision quality. Additions over the years including our robotic paint machine have improved our processes allowing us to manufacture at an enhanced pace without impacting quality.

Our Central Scotland location keeps manufacturing timescales, delivery times and costs to a minimum. However, where CCG as a Group truly benefits is from our ability to provide complete construction solutions thanks to the integration of our divisional structure.

For new build construction, CCG Manufacturing can supply our products to be pre-installed in CCG OSM’s closed panel timber frame system. For planned maintenance, we work closely with Specialist Building Services (SBS) and Asset Management (AM) to provide a streamlined installation service when working within occupied housing.

Our ability to fully manufacture our products prior to distribution is a huge advantage for both new build housing and existing stock. By working with our sister divisions we offer a complete Supply and Fit service which minimises the impact on the day-to-day lives of residents – something that we and our clients care very deeply about.

A shining example of our work this year is from the 400-unit window replacement contract that was undertaken for Whiteinch and Scotstoun Housing Association. The CCG Timber Fully Reversible and Timber Dual Turn Window was used for the contract and installed by CCG Asset Management with one property being completed every two days which was a remarkable achievement.

As highlighted at the start of this blog, we are focused on helping produce more energy efficient homes, reducing fuel consumption and supporting Scottish Government warm home and fuel poverty targets. The project for Whiteinch and Scotstoun Housing Association is just one example of us working closely with our clients to deliver energy efficient homes and reducing fuel bills for their residents.

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