Building Futures


WORK is underway to build brand new affordable homes in Bingham Avenue and Parkview in North East Edinburgh.

The City of Edinburgh Council-led developments – which will complete as early as Autumn 2021 – will be built by CCG and follows on from a number of award-winning new homes created for the Council over the last two years at Leith Fort and in Greendykes whilst progress is ongoing at a major development of affordable housing in Craigmillar, which received its first new tenants this summer.

Both new sites will provide modern and energy-efficient homes [40 units at Bingham and 30 for Parkview] for social rent as part of Edinburgh’s ambitious 20,000 affordable homes target in a mix of one, two and three-bedroom flats, colonies and houses.

In addition to delivering the developments, CCG will provide apprenticeships, engage with local schools and colleges and provide community investment funds in Bingham and Parkview.

Construction commened at in Bingham in August along Duddingston Row at the former home of Lismore Primary School. Work will also start at Parkview next month [October] at Peffermill Road, the former site of the Parkview Care Home, bringing a derelict brownfield site back to life.

CCG will utilise offsite methods of construction for each build to deliver enhanced levels of thermal performance, thus, reducing heat loss [plus energy demand] and creating savings for residents. CCG Manufacturing will also supply all window and door sets.

Councillor Kate Campbell, Edinburgh’s Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work Convener, said: “Every new social home counts because housing need is exceptional in Edinburgh – there’s nothing better than seeing council houses being built and knowing that it won’t be long until they become people’s homes. With so many families in need of a new home, and construction so important to our economic recovery from Covid-19, the homes and jobs being delivered by our ambitious house-building programme will make a real difference to people’s lives.

“But we have to keep delivering more. We have 3,500 new homes in design development right now. And 800 homes which are already under construction across the city. We’ll be setting out our investment plans over the next ten years soon, to make sure that we continue to provide much needed homes, create jobs and support local communities with tangible benefits like apprenticeships, community hubs, parks and improved public spaces.”

Councillor Mandy Watt, Edinburgh’s Vice Housing and Economy Convener, added: “Everyone has the right to a safe, warm home and our overriding priority is to keep building until everyone who needs it has the opportunity of an inviting, affordable place to live. That’s why our strategy for the future is about investing more in our communities, upgrading our social housing and building thousands of new and affordable homes for Edinburgh.

“And it’s not just about bricks and mortar – we’re seeing what other benefits and improvements we can bring to local areas. These developments in Bingham and Parkview can benefit lots of people in lots of different ways because they’ll help to regenerate the area and provide better public realm, better greenspace and funding for neighbourhood projects. They’ll benefit the long-term future of our environment, too, thanks to their low carbon footprint and focus on energy efficiency.”

CCG Managing Director, David Wylie, said: “CCG’s commitment to providing quality, energy efficient homes is a philosophy shared by the City of Edinburgh Council. Our partnership has continued to deliver a lasting legacy across the region by not only supporting the supply of new affordable homes but also creating jobs, apprenticeships and localised investment.

“The commencement of Bingham and Parkview is another important milestone for us both and we look forward to working with the Council as we move into 2021 and beyond.”

The £9.5m investment will be funded by the Council with £4.1m in grant funding from the Scottish Government.

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