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Baldoran Gate is a mixed tenure residential housing scheme located in the quiet, scenic town of Milton of Campsie. Delivered on behalf of East Dunbartonshire Council, the development comprises 40 1-3 bedroom homes available for social rent and shared equity.

Given the heritage of the area, Baldoran Gate has been designed as a contemporary village estate which is respectful to the wider rural context as well ensuring that the impact of the development on the surrounding townscape is kept to a minimum. In doing so, the dwellings are all designed to reach two storeys whilst there is an abundant level landscaping with private rear gardens and communal visual amenity space.

The entire development was constructed using CCG OSM’s enhanced closed panel timber frame system (complete with pre-installed insulation, windows, and doors) which, alongside energy-saving features such as solar PV, ensured a Silver Standard of accreditation.

The house types that make up the site include a mix of cottage flats, six of which are specially designed amenity units for those with disabilities, and semi-detached housing. A consistent material palette of light grey brick and white render has been used to complement the adjacent residential housing and West Baldoran Farm which flanks the rear of the site. However, a single semi-detached housing block uses a different material for its aesthetic which stems from the CCG off-site manufacturing process in the form of a factory-applied lightweight cladding solution. The acrylic ‘Brick Slip’ finish, replicating a traditional brick aesthetic, has been in use by CCG for some time across a number of high profile projects and was applied as a ‘concept unit’ for Baldoran Gate. The slips can be colour matched to any type of brick and have therefore been chosen to match the colour palette of the brick used throughout the rest of the development.

The use of this finish brought efficiencies at site level with the entire block being delivered to site and erected wind and water tight within a net period of 5 days with an additional 3 week period allowed for the application of the ‘Brick Slips’ on site.

Baldoran Gate was completed in November 2016.

East Dunbartonshire Council

Contract Value:
£4.8 million

Project Categories:
OSM CCG Projects
Social & Rented Housing
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