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The Bearsden Community Hub, formerly known as Bearsden Burgh Halls, is located on Bearsden Road adjacent to a densely populated residential suburb and the Bearsden North Church. Works were undertaken on behalf of East Dunbartonshire Council, in partnership with Hub West Scotland, to refurbish and upgrade the building to create a more welcoming facility for the local community and to laterally, become a hub for a varierty of council services including library, social work, registry, and bill payment.

Through detailed consultation with the local community, it was realised that the two main elements to the refurbishment had to involve the reconfiguration of the main entrance to create a more welcoming frontage and to increase floor space area inside the building.

CCG’s first phase of works was the to demolish the interior of the building and the front elevation aside from the cast stone that forms the base of the building which was preserved as a nod to the former architectural design. The former main entrance, located at the eastern elevation, is now positioned at the front elevation with a far more welcoming frontage assisted by the installation of glazing. Another key issue was accessibility and so, a brand new pedestrian route has been installed which is fully accessible, a common theme throughout the interior of the building.

The ground floor is now populated with council services and a public library and, located to the rear of the building, a bespoke record storing room that is cooled through a specially designed air conditioning and filtration system.

To create more floor space within the same building envelope, CCG had to install a second floor, achieved by inserting a steel frame within the existing hall. This second floor is also fully accessible with the provision of a lift that has the ability to accommodate those with decreased mobility and is now used by the local community for civic activities as well as classes aiding in health and wellbeing.

CCG commenced works in April 2016 and completed the project in February 2017, 4 weeks in advance of the contract programme.

East Dunbartonshire Council

Contract Value:
£2.6 million






Project Categories:
Public Amenity
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