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Located on a Brownfield site in the town centre of Greenock is a new horticulture training and community centre for Inverclyde Association of Mental Health. Known as the Broomhill Gardens and Community Hub, the centre provides users and staff of Inverclyde Mental Health with an opportunity to benefit from horticultural training as well as a new central hub for the community offering event and social space.

The principal community and training building is conceived as a walled garden that partly conceals a single storey building. With its green roof and densely planted courtyard, the scheme takes its cues from Greenock’s rich history of terraced green spaces and parks, rather than from the massing of adjacent tenement buildings.

Pedestrians also get to experience a communal garden that is partially enclosed within the complex itself that is serviced by two main access points at either side delivering a walkway and cycle route that connects the surrounding areas. The walled garden enclosure is formed by the placement of the various buildings and components which make up this section of the site whilst the garden is conceived as a community orchard with a mixture of semi-mature trees, wetland edges (which also support the SUDS), precast concrete benches and dutch clay brick paving.

The facility is managed by Inwork Enterprises Ltd, an award-winning social enterprise owned by Inverclyde Association for Mental Health who utilise the hub for office space. To assist in providing training courses and applications, the hub’s cafe has the capability to be used for training purposes for either community members or local enterprises.

Ancillary store areas are also located within the grounds which are also home to the power units utilised for the building’s energy and solar panel systems that are installed on the roof of the building.

Inverclyde Association of Mental Health

Contract Value:
£2 million



Project Categories:
Public Amenity
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