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Cassillis Court is an affordable housing development located in Dalrymple, East Ayrshire, comprising 11 two bedroom properties, including 2 two-bedroom homes specifically designed for older and ambulant disabled residents and one wheelchair-accessible bungalow.

It is the first project to have been delivered as part of a strategic partnership formed by East Ayrshire Council and CCG whereby CCG as the principal contractor will deliver the entirety of the authority’s Strategic Housing Investment Plan which will see up to 400 affordable homes completed in the region by 2023. The Council has an innovative Future Homes Project Board that draws its membership from internal Council Services as well as external partners, including Ayrshire Roads Alliance, the Health and Social Care Partnership, and CCG’s Developments team. Through its membership of the Board, CCG works collaboratively with the Council at a strategic level to take ownership of the process to deliver homes for East Ayrshire’s residents that are future-proofed and fit for purpose with a focus on accessibility and specification.

As part of this process, CCG utilised our existing house types which were then adapted specifically for Cassilliss Court and laterally as a housing standard for the authority to follow in terms of quality and specification to set a base cost principle to aid future housing projections.

Working collaboratively with MAST Architects and acknowledging the needs and requirements of the future resident, Cassillis Court has been designed to ensure housing for varying needs compliance including the development of a bespoke housing solution for a wheelchair accessible bungalow with an internal footprint that responds to feedback received from Housing Occupational Therapists who attended a Design Workshop (1 unit) hosted by East Ayrshire Council and CCG. All properties also offer future adaptability through the provision of wet rooms to the ground floor of all general needs properties.

The site layout – developed within a 0.36ha size site – comprises a four-block pattern constructed around a central courtyard that is accessible by a road providing in-curtilage parking that minimises on-street parking and creates a sense of place. The design solution adopted also offers residents direct access to greenspace offering an additional amenity to the north.

The new homes were constructed using CCG’s ‘iQ’ timber frame system manufactured to stage 3 of the CCG OSM process with insulation, internal wall linings, windows and doors and service zones all pre-installed prior to installation. On-site, the entire development was constructed wind and watertight in a net period of 34 days contributing to full completion within 36 weeks.

A number of community benefit initiatives were undertaken for the Cassillis Court project, something which will continue for each of the 16 projects that will be delivered as part of the strategic partnership. These include job opportunities (2 full-time roles); work placements (3); construction curriculum support to Ayrshire College and a £2k donation to the local community where the community themselves will vote to allocate where it will be distributed.

East Ayrshire Council

Contract Value:
£1.5 million

Project Categories:
Off-Site Manufacturing
Care & Amenity Housing
OSM CCG Projects
Social & Rented Housing
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