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Located west of Glasgow city centre at Ellerslie Road, Yoker, CCG is currently on site delivering one of Scotland’s most innovative housing projects consisting of 42 highly sustainable flats for mid-market rent in partnership with Sanctuary Scotland, funded by Glasgow City Council.

The development is being constructed entirely of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). CLT comprises structurally graded and kiln dried, softwood timber planks (lamellas), finger-jointed to length, stacked at right angles to one another, and bonded by structural adhesive in either 3, 5, 7 or 9 layers. This cross lamination effect leads to an increase in the strength and stiffness properties which can rival that of concrete and steel.

CLT was first introduced to the UK in 2003 and since then it has been used extensively across the South East of England in a variety of sectors proving the concept for widespread adoption due to its enhanced environmental properties with high levels of carbon sequestration and an enhanced speed of construction. The material also has excellent fire resistance ratings and unlike steel, remains structurally stable when subjected to high temperatures. CLT panels can be produced with fire resistances of 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

Ellerslie Road is now the tallest timber structure in Scotland offering residents of the seven-storey building stunning views over the River Clyde.

CCG started on site in October 2016 with the superstructure beginning its installation in March 2017. The installation was conducted alongside specialist CLT contractor, Eurban, which led to the delivery of the entire seven-storey superstructure wind and water tight, which also includes the building’s CLT stair core and lift shaft, in a net period of just 16 weeks.

Circa 1170 cubic meters of CLT has been used for the project which equates to 936,000 kg of embodied CO2.

Works to the exterior facade will commence in late-summer 2017. The building will be clad in a mix of rainscreen cladding and the Alumasc Acrylic Brick Slip System, a lightweight solution supplied by Alumasc Facades replicating a traditional brick aesthetic. This solution has most notably been seen at the award-winning Panmure Street project in Maryhill, Glasgow.

CCG expect Ellerslie Road to be fully complete January-2018.

Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association

Contract Value:
£5.5 million



Project Categories:
Social & Rented Housing
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