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Greenock Horticulture and Community Centre

Located on a Brownfield site in the town centre of Greenock, is a new horticulture training and community centre for Inverclyde Association of Mental Health. The centre will provide users and staff of Inverclyde Mental Health with an opportunity to benefit from horticultural training as well as a new central hub for the community.

The principal community and training building is conceived as a walled garden where the topography rises to partly conceal the depth of the single storey building. With its green roof and densely planted courtyard, the scheme takes its cues from Greenock’s rich history of terraced green spaces and parks, rather than from the massing of adjacent tenement buildings. Pedestrians will also get to experience the garden via an arterial pedestrian and cycle route that will connect the site to the surrounding areas.

The walled garden enclosure is formed by the placement of the various buildings and components which make up this section of the site. The garden is conceived as a community orchard with a mixture of semi-mature trees, wetland edges (which also support the SUDS), precast concrete benches and dutch clay brick paving.

CCG was on site for a 47-week duration completing the project in September-2017.

Inverclyde Association of Mental Health

Contract Value:
£2 million



Project Categories:
Public Amenity
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