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Located within the densely populated Hyndland area of the west end of Glasgow, the Partickhill Bowling Club and Tennis Association was established in the early 1900’s and remained a popular attraction for the local community for many years. Even after the closure of the tennis membership and courts in 1997, the clubhouse remained as an important visual component for the community but due financial strains, maintenance of the building was reduced to a minimum laterally leaving many repair works outstanding.

In line with the Glasgow West Conservation Policy,  the clubhouse was be retained due to its historical significance and the noted the character of the building contributes greatly for it to be used as a multi-purpose venue. In order to raise the funds required to restore the clubhouse and perform repair works to the grounds, the defunct tennis court, which was vastly overgrown with plants and trees prior to construction, would be realised by the introduction of a small-scale residential development. Working in partnership with Noah Developments, CCG has rejuvenated the tired the former tennis courts to deliver six luxury townhouses; provided brand new resident green space as well as performing refurbishment and restoration works to the Partickhill Bowling Clubhouse and grounds.

The luxury townhouses reach three storeys in a terraced block arrangement with the new members garden acting as a buffer between the housing and the bowling green. The block is articulated with a series of bays along the south facade offering private outdoor space and offer a means to maximise natural daylight through the use of large bay windows. Each home is provided with a concealed storage and bike shed located on the north elevation, lining the newly improved Hillside Gardens Lane Road that leads to a discreet private car parking area.

Inside, the homeowners have been provided with a luxurious living environment. Each homeowner was given an in-depth level of specification to choose from for their kitchens and bathrooms. Each home has 4 bedrooms including two master bedrooms, three bathrooms and an individual washing and drying room located on the second storey.

The development was constructed using CCG OSM’s closed panel timber system. Delivered to site complete with insulation, windows, and doors, including CCG, manufactured internal door sets. The constraints of the site size and the limited access arrangements meant that the use of the timber system brought huge efficiencies at site-level with a faster speed of construction than that of a traditional build as well as a reduction in vehicular movements.

CCG undertook the refurbishment works to the Clubhouse at the same time as the construction of the new homes and was tasked to bring the house up to current Building Standards. Works included the repair of the roof, walls and, drainage and electrical systems and internal upgrades to improve environmental efficiency.

The Clubhouse grounds were also upgraded. During construction, CCG individually removed the iron railings and elements of the retaining walls that surround the boundary, upgraded them and then re-installed them in their natural place thus maintaining the heritage of the site. The Bowling Clubhouse is now used as an exhibition and studio space for local artists and had its first exhibition in May 2017.

CCG completed the construction of Hillside Gardens Lane in February 2017.

NOAH Developments

Contract Value:
£3 million


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