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Maryhill Locks, Glasgow

Overlooking an idyllic position between the banks of the River Kelvin and Forth and Clyde Canal, in an area previously known locally as the ‘The Botany’, the latest phase of the Maryhill Locks Masterplan has been completed with the successful delivery of 40 new homes.

Phase 3 of the wider residential regeneration of Maryhill Locks was constructed for Bigg Regeneration (a partnership between Scottish Canals and igloo) comprising two, three and four bedroom private for sale homes on a site which is flanked by parkland and offers a west facing aspect via private rear gardens with views to the river valley. The new development seeks to play off the history of the area by offering a modern spin on the tenemental properties that once stood on the site, clearly represented by the stunning mix of white and black brick for the external façade.

The two and three bedroom units have been developed to a similar construction and plan type to offer repetition and flexibility of typology mix whilst the four bedroom units make use of an inhabited roof space. The sloping topography has offered the opportunity to use larger picture windows to take advantage of the panoramic views.

CCG OSM’s enhanced closed panel timber system, complete with pre-installed insulation, windows, and doors (including CCG-manufactured internal door sets), was used for the construction which led to the delivery of the first phase (21 homes) within nine months and the full completion of the project by the end of March 2017.

Through the use of off-site construction methods and an outstanding sales effort, the entire development was fully reserved by April-end 2017.

Photo credit: Dapple Photography

Bigg Regeneration

Contract Value:
£4 million

Scottish Home Awards 2017 Starter Home of the Year

Project Categories:
Off-Site Manufacturing
OSM CCG Projects
Private Housing
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