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SSEN HVDC Centre, Cumbernauld

CCG has completed the new, bespoke High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Training Centre for SSEN in Cumbernauld. The HVDC Centre will test the efficiency of how electricity travels through the Great Britain network and will lead to new enhancements in connecting more remote renewables (Offshore) as well as creating a better understanding of issues and security.

The centre aims to maximise the benefits of the investment in HVDC systems by:

  • Supporting HVDC Transmission planning
  • Facilitating complex HVDC schemes and multi-vendor solutions.
  • De-risking HVDC schemes.
  • Training Operational Engineers
  • Operational Optimisation; and
  • Modelling new HVDC technologies

The facility is centred around a powerful simulator, which will simulate the AC network in real time. RTDS® Technologies has been selected to provide this simulator to the Centre (

The real-time simulator will be connected to replicas of the control systems for HVDC systems. By using replica controls, the impact of complex HVDC systems can be studied. The technology in the Centre has been designed to protect the data and intellectual property rights of our stakeholders.

Full office, meeting and training facilities will be provided.

The design approach of the building is deliberately intervention, avoiding pastiche. It is representative of the cultural circumstances in which it is constructed. The design limits the materials to composite panelling, standing seam roof, curtain walling with an entrance pod formed from rainscreen panels providing a distinctive entrance. The focus was on function while trying to introduce a setting that allows for a performance. The facility also must operate as a day to day office and provide comfort for its daily users. The industrial appearance inside sets the functionality of the building with the ceiling and lighting design along with the layout providing the theatrics and comfort.



Contract Value:
£2 million

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