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Tenants of South Lanarkshire Council in East Kilbride are to benefit from new fire doors as part of a large-scale, planned maintenance programme being undertaken across the town.

CCG (Scotland), one of Scotland’s largest privately-owned construction and manufacturing companies, has been working with the Council since autumn-2022 and has so far completed the installation of 835 enhanced door sets, supporting 339 residences, to four high-rise blocks in Cambuslang and East Kilbride.

The latest round of works at Drury’s Lane, Old Vic and Saddler’s Well in East Kilbride will see a further 258 residences benefit with new, flat entrance doors and replacement door sets to common areas and main entrances.

Using engineered timber, CCG design and manufacture the enhanced door sets from their bespoke premises in Cambuslang. Fully rated and certified, the doors have a 60-minute performance rating which means, in the event of a fire, they will withstand its effects and prevent it from spreading into individual dwellings or throughout the building’s passageways for an hour’s duration.

Timber acts as a natural fire break whilst intumescent seals that line the door frame are installed to prevent the passage of smoke and harmful gases.

Automatic closing mechanisms are also in place to ensure once the door is opened it always closes which is another preventive measure should an emergency situation take place.

CCG Asset Management Manager, Jim Cunningham, said:

“Fire safety in high-rise residential accommodation is paramount and we are delighted to again be on-site on behalf of South Lanarkshire Council supporting a further 258 residences in East Kilbride. Our works to date have been undertaken successfully; our team has received very positive feedback from tenants and our client alike and this has been achieved as a result of our in-house design, supply and fit service which is crucial to helping us to realise quality and efficiency whilst delivering real added value at every stage of the programme.

“We look forward to working with residents of Drury’s Lane, Old Vic and Saddler’s Well over the coming months with full completion expected by the end of this summer.”

A spokesperson for South Lanarkshire Council said:

“The council is delighted to be working with CCG to ensure the ongoing improvements being undertaken at our flats. The installation of these fire safety doors will further improve the safety and security for our residents.”

The multi-phase contract was procured via the Scottish Procurement Alliance (C8) Doorsets Framework.

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