Building Futures


CCG recognise the importance of our work in the communities in which we operate so we will always aim to be proactive in giving back by creating a positive impact for people, organisations and the wider environment.

Working collaboratively with our clients, CCG will always look to support local communities in which we operate. We will identify support options whilst bespoke initiatives can be designed with and for the community; adopting an approach that identifies a need in order to achieve positive local and a wider regional impact and the creation of longer-term economic value rather than short-term gain.

Whilst we create much-needed and valued developments such as new affordable homes or nurseries and schools, our legacy is far-reaching beyond the boundaries of our projects.

In this instance, we proudly offer both full-time and part-time job opportunities in a wide variety of roles whilst young people can gain access to both office and site-based work placements as well as our award-winning apprenticeship programmes.

CCG also values engagement with schools. Whether it is the provision of educative talks or site tours, or, during the pandemic era, providing careers talks and mock interviews, we understand the value of telling young children and adults what is available to them in the construction industry – they are our future!

Through establishing links within the community, we will also extend our work to locally-based SMEs wherever possible and if we know of any projects, initiatives, charities or schools in need of our help, we are happy to provide donations in a form that is best-suited to their needs. In 2021 alone, CCG donated over £170,000 to community-based projects.


CCG are keen supporters of charities. over the years we have supported Ronald McDonald House and St Andrew’s Hospice,¬†Kilbryde Hospice and Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice whilst on a localised level, we have worked with Trussel Trust and foodbank across the breadth of the country. Our staff are also afforded 1 days holiday per year to undertake a charitable project. As a proud business, we want nothing more than to help those in need.