Building Futures


The CCG Group is one of Scotland’s largest privately-owned construction and manufacturing companies. We believe in building a more sustainable and progressive future to support our people, our industry and the environment.

Since our inception in 1974, CCG has retained a foundation of continuous improvement in our product and people. We understand the value of investment and innovation as a means of ensuring that our business can improve and grow and we will always seek to push the boundaries of what is possible; challenging traditional convention so that we can deliver the very highest standards of quality and customer service.

Our reputation is investment-built on an honest and straightforward approach to partnership working, developing a strong reputation of integrity amongst our peers as well as our trusted partners, stakeholders and clients.

CCG understand that to maintain our position of trust as an industry leader, our people are integral to our long-term success. The heart and soul of our business, we have over 700+ dedicated staff who are all richly diverse in their expertise and each play a vital role in supporting our business across our fully integrated company group structure. We also undertake a year-on-year commitment to youth development and training facilitated by our award-winning range of trade apprenticeship and training programmes.

CCG is Building Futures.