Building Futures

Our Management Team

Craig Smith - CCG Manufacturing General Manager

Since assuming his role as General Manager in 2020, Craig has spearheaded CCG Manufacturing’s strategic growth to support our group’s main construction and planned maintenance workstreams. He has been ... MORE >

Gary Weir - Head of Technical

Gary started out his life with CCG as a site manager and was responsible for the delivery of various developments across Glasgow and Edinburgh. His role as Technical Manager ... MORE >

Fraser Hatton - Estimating Manager

Based at our company HQ in Cambuslang, Fraser is our Estimating Manager and offers vital servicesĀ fulfilling of the bidding process and successful completing of construction estimates that lead to ... MORE >

Jim Cunningham - Asset Management Manager

Jim has been with CCG for over two decades and assumed the role of Asset Management Manager in 2021. CCG Asset Management has over 120 staff and is responsible ... MORE >
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