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CCG Offsite Manufacturing (OSM)

CCG’s construction process starts in CCG OSM, one of the most advanced offsite manufacturing facilities in the UK.

Offsite manufacturing can be defined as “…the creation of components, modules or entire buildings in a factory setting, which are then assembled on-site.” CCG OSM, based in Glasgow, is CCG’s own, bespoke factory that comprises of a 3-lane manufacturing platform that extends to 130,000 sq ft and is responsible for the creation of the ‘iQ’ Timber System.

The CCG ‘iQ’ Timber System is an enhanced panelised timber frame solution consisting of a structural wall system and floor or roof cassettes that combine to create the superstructure of a house or building.

CCG adopt a Fabric First Approach to construction meaning that we place emphasis on the fabric of the building to deliver enhanced levels of thermal performance before introducing building services. The ‘iQ’ wall system is inherently efficient as a result of improved construction detailing that is 30% more efficient than the current Scottish accredited construction details.

With a reduction in thermal bridging, our homes and buildings are created to have vastly improved airtightness which helps us to reduce heat loss and thus energy demand which helps to create improved annual energy savings for the end-user. Our capabilities can extend across all current building standards including Passivhaus accreditation.

The ‘iQ’ Timber System is also one of the main components the creation of the CCG Net Zero Home, a newly-created building standard that reduces operational energy use within the home to ‘net zero’.

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Trade Partners

CCG OSM is a proud member of the Structural Timber Association (STA), an industry organisation that provides expert technical guidance research into the applied use of timber technology. CLICK HERE to visit their website.