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CCG Offsite Manufacturing (OSM)

CCG’s construction process starts in CCG OSM, one of the most advanced offsite manufacturing facilities in the UK.

‘Offsite manufacturing’ refers to the ‘manufacturing, planning, design, fabrication, and assembly of building elements at a location other than their final installation to support the rapid speed and efficient construction of a home or building.’

CCG has pioneered offsite Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) in Scotland for over a decade; creating over 11,000 homes from our bespoke premises, CCG OSM, in Glasgow since its launch in 2010.

The purpose-built facility is a semi-automated, 3-lane manufacturing platform that extends to 130,000sqft and utilises a mix of expert craftsmanship (supporting over 120 jobs) and advanced technologies to create what is known as the ‘iQ’ Timber System.

The CCG ‘iQ’ Timber System is an enhanced closed panel wall solution that combines with floor or roof cassettes to create the superstructure of a home or building. Components such as insulation, internal wall linings, windows, external doors and an externally-applied lightweight render are each capable of being into the system within the factory environment prior to being assembled on-site.

Clients are afforded complete design flexibility in the choice of specification with CCG’s capabilities ensuring the creation of house types of any kind for developments of any scale.

The OSM process is a precision-engineered environment that guarantees consistency and quality as well as being able to deliver a vastly-improved product in the area of thermal performance: the ‘iQ’ System is designed with a Fabric First Approach where greater tolerances are determined by fewer junctions and thermal bridges to deliver enhanced U values and significantly improved airtightness including air permeability rating of 0 for separating walls.

This overall increase in thermal performance is achieved without relying upon bolt-on services; reduced heat transfer and loss is an inherent advantage brought by the System. Furthermore, the work practice associated with offsite is a highly efficient one with carbon emissions and, thus, our carbon footprint, is reduced at every stage of build as a result of reduced waste, sustainable materials, fewer vehicle movements and the long-term reduction in emissions for the lifetime of the home or building itself.

To find out more about the advantages in the delivery of a construction programme using offsite methods, view our OSM Video.

CCG is proud of our approach to sustainable construction and with impending changes to building standards and our economy’s transition to becoming ‘net zero’ by 20230, we are pioneering Scottish construction’s move to becoming a greener, cleaner industry. This is evidenced through a sustained pipeline of 1000+ low carbon homes over the next 5 years including developments that will be delivered to Passivhaus standards of accreditation as well using the CCG Net Zero Home standard of build, a newly-created housing solution that utilises a combination of fabric performance, renewable energy systems and offsetting measures to achieve ‘net zero carbon’.

Trade Partners

CCG OSM is a proud member of the Structural Timber Association (STA), an industry organisation that provides expert technical guidance research into the applied use of timber technology. CLICK HERE to visit their website.