Building Futures

The CCG Net Zero Home

The emerging climate crisis is this generation’s greatest challenge. Our climate is changing and CCG is responding.

With the aim of reducing our country’s carbon emissions, the Scottish Government has set an ambitious target to become a net zero economy by 2045. Steps towards this future are already being taken within the housebuilding sector, namely with the introduction of new, enhanced building regulations, the decarbonisation of new build homes from 2024, and the Housing to 2040 Vision which has identified all new build homes delivered by Registered Social Landlords and local authorities are required to have zero emissions from 2026.

That is a lot to take in…but, in order to achieve these goals, there will be a requirement to rapidly align policy with construction resources, methods, and technology to ensure we continue to meet housing demand.

In response, CCG has created the Net Zero Home.

Designed within current Scottish Building Regulations under the use of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and Dynamic Simulation Modelling, CCG has created an optimised range of house and flat types that reduce carbon emissions, arising from regulated operational energy, to a rate less than or equal to zero.

The CCG Net Zero Home is created using an innovative mix of construction and renewable services:

  • We use a Fabric First approach to construction using CCG’s ‘iQ’ Timber System to minimise thermal bridging and heat loss;
  • We integrate low U-value building components including triple-glazed windows and enhanced door sets;
  • We have developed a flexible response to low carbon heating and renewable technologies that can be tailored to developments of any form and scale that are entirely free of gas;
  • We use a low carbon, low maintenance ventilation systems to create comfortable levels of airtightness and clean air-flow

Working in partnership with MAST Architects and Carbon Futures, the combination of these measures offers a practical, affordable and scalable approach to residential development whilst drastically lowering carbon emissions and generating energy savings* for tenants and homeowners alike.

A more sustainable and progressive future for Scotland. The CCG Net Zero Home. The home of the future, today.

*Figures are taken from real data procured in 2020 and do not currently reflect the Energy Price Cap inflation of 2022.