Building Futures


CCG has worked across the city of Edinburgh for over a decade where we have created over 1000 mixed-tenure homes as part of multiple phases of large-scale, housing-led regeneration that has also delivered a lasting legacy of jobs, apprenticeships and investment.

One area of great significance to CCG is Western Villages, a pioneering residential development in Granton, Edinburgh, which represents a significant stride towards sustainable living and community integration. This case study delves into the community benefits and social value generated through the partnership between CCG (Scotland) and the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC).

Project Overview
The Western Villages project is a cornerstone of the £1.3bn Granton Waterfront Regeneration, aiming to establish Scotland’s largest operational net zero carbon residential area. The development transforms a 3.8ha brownfield site into a vibrant community with 444 flats, balancing social, mid-market, and private tenures.

Net Zero Home Standard
CCG’s Net Zero Home standard is a forward-thinking approach that reaches the current Platinum Scottish Building Regulations. By enhancing building performance and eliminating direct-emission heating systems, the standard targets zero or negative carbon emissions from regulated energy sources, aligning with Scotland’s net zero transition.

Achievements and Impact
Since construction began in June 2022, Western Villages has made commendable strides in community engagement:

  • Employment: Exceeded job creation targets with 14 new roles, including long-term unemployed individuals and construction management graduates from Heriot-Watt University.
  • Apprenticeships: Fostered skill development with 9 apprenticeships, aiding local youth and those facing redundancy.
  • Education: Supported the ongoing education of 4 trade apprentices, contributing to the skilled workforce.
  • Local Hiring: Collaborated with local agencies to fill 7 new positions, enhancing local employment opportunities.
  • Work Placements: Offered 5 work placements, including partnerships with Barnardo’s and Capital City Partnership Training, promoting career development.
  • Career Days: Participated in 5 career days, engaging with local schools and youth programs to inspire future professionals.
  • Community Investment: Allocated £45,000 to various causes, demonstrating a commitment to local development and support.

The Western Villages project stands as a testament to the potential of public-private partnerships in creating sustainable communities. Through its comprehensive approach to community benefits, CCG has not only contributed to the physical landscape but also to the social fabric of Edinburgh, fostering a sense of belonging and opportunity among residents.

Future Outlook
With an anticipated completion in summer 2025, Western Villages continues to evolve, promising further advancements in sustainable living and community enrichment. The ongoing success of this project serves as a blueprint for future developments, showcasing the profound impact of integrating community benefits into urban regeneration.