Building Futures


CCG has worked across the city of Edinburgh for a decade where we have created over 1000 mixed-tenure homes; undertaking large-scale regeneration whilst delivering a lasting legacy of jobs, apprenticeships and investment.

One area that is apparent more than most is the district of Craigmillar. Located west of the city centre, CCG first began working in Craigmillar in 2015 with The Schoolhouse and the regeneration of the former Niddrie Mill Primary School. With the creation of new homes came a renewed understanding of who the community was and how much the school was revered for generations. The upgrade of the school building set the tone for the work to come with 600 homes created across various developments, as recently as 2021, that each delivered full-time jobs, trade apprenticeships, support for schools and charities as well as investing in local projects.

A more recent example is with the City of Edinburgh Council at two projects just down the road from Craigmillar: Bingham Avenue in Duddingston and Parkview.

The Council is one of CCG’s largest clients; from the award-winning Craigmillar 12-15 to the pioneering Western Villages and Granton D1, our relationship extends many years. It is a testament to our approach that all of our projects are given an enhanced community focus.

Bingham Avenue and Parkview are no different. The 40-unit and 20-unit developments were constructed in tandem during the most trying of circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic and whilst many companies would see the pandemic as an excuse to avoid community support, not CCG. We adapted our policies, remained committed, and across both projects, we provided the following:

  • 4 full-time jobs including Marie and Suzanne Crease through a Community Renewal scheme as well as Mark Edwards and Colette Gibson (above)
  • Working with DYW Edinburgh, we undertook online sessions such as educative presentations, CV checking and mock interviews with local high schools with one such session involving 100 pupils
  • £12500 donation to the One City Trust that has been distributed to locally based projects including a literacy programme with Craigmillar Library
  • £500 donation split between Edinburgh NE Foodbank and donation-in-kind works to landscaping around the Duddingston centre

CCG is proud of our work across the region of Edinburgh and we look forward to remaining there for many years to come.