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CCG has worked in partnership with Linthouse Housing Association since early-2018 where both CCG Asset Management and CCG Specialist Building Services, the planned maintenance and renewals divisions of the Group, have performed upgrades for up to 300 properties across the area of Govan.

Delivered as part of the Association’s 5-year stock improvement programme, the first contract to be conceived was with CCG Asset Management and a 220-unit kitchen and bathroom renewals contract that was completed in October 2018 followed by a further phase of 120 properties in 2019. Each contract was delivered via the SPA KB3 Framework.

Hutton Drive, the third project to have been delivered for Linthouse, is located in the town centre of Govan and originally consisted of the upgrade of 38 properties, however, through assessment, a total of 5 properties were ‘removed’ to establish a series of units that were reconfigured and made larger in size, a more popular option than the preceding bedsit-style layout.

Internal improvements included the installation of new central heating systems, kitchens, bathrooms, internal and flat entrance doors, and windows. All of the windows – timber dual turn – and doors were supplied by CCG Manufacturing. Externally, works included the upgrading and repair of stonework alongside the installation of gable wall insulation in order to improve thermal performance.

As well as undertaking the main construction, CCG also provided a series of community benefit initiatives that included one new job, two work placements for students of Govan High School and the donation of £1100 to local SMEs and community projects.

Linthouse HA

Contract Value:
£4 million

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