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A series of addresses in Maryhill have benefitted from a full supply and fit service via the CCG Group with the installation of high-performance fire doors.

Undertaken over two phases of planned maintenance works on behalf of Maryhill Housing, a total of 279 CCG-manufactured common doors were installed within 10 multi-storey flatted blocks at Cumlodden Drive, Glernavon Road, and Fearnmore Road.

Each door is designed and manufactured using engineered solid timber and they each offer enhanced defence against fire due to the very nature of their composition. Layers of timber are joined together and when combined with enhanced detailing, the door, can resist fire and exceed for up to 1 hour’s duration.

Each common door is fitted with an automatic closing feature in order to act as a fire breaker and help to restrict transfer in times of emergency whilst intumescent seals are also utilised to prevent the passage of smoke between the door itself and the frame. CCG also manufactured storage cupboard doors that are located on the communal landing of each floor.

CCG Asset Management was responsible for the installation with a streamlined, efficient process undertaken to ensure quality standards as well as minimal intrusion on residents of the block.

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