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Moorfoot Primary School, Gourock, is one of three contracts that have been delivered by CCG – in partnership with hub West Scotland – on behalf of Inverclyde Council as part of a £270million investment in school estate across the regional area.

The contract involved the upgrade of facilities to the existing school building in response to the Council’s requirement to have improved classroom space that links to ‘activity learning areas’, suitable for modern learning. As such, a new extension has been formed that proportionately corrects classroom space and density (now fully DDA compliant) that is connected by a new corridor and lift access to improve pupil circulation whilst the school’s library facilities have also been enhanced.

As part of making the building more accessible, the administration block has been lowered and appropriate alterations have been proposed to improve the internal qualities of the space as well as identify it’s particular function in the school. The grading of external levels and the creation of level access to both the Main Entrance and Nursery has also been delivered to improve accessibility for those with decreased mobility or are wheelchair users.

External features such as dedicated play areas for infants – something that was deemed to be lacking – have also been delivered and with the installation of a new external deck and level-access landscaping, teachers are afforded the opportunity for external learning.

Alongside the construction of the new extension, CCG was also tasked to improve the fabric performance of Moorfoot Primary which included the upgrade of existing walls with an independent insulation board with framing for a separate plasterboard lining rather than insulated plasterboard meaning a significant improvement to 0.17W/m2K will be achieved. The facility’s roof was also significantly improved with an additional 80-90mm PIR insulation and new roof membrane achieving in the order of 0.15W/m2K which is significantly better than the 0.2W/m2K currently required for new build regulations.

Inverclyde Council/ hub West Scotland

Contract Value:
£4.3 million


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