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St Ninian’s Primary School is a new build replacement for its former self that was delivered as part of Inverclyde Council’s £270m school’s estate investment programme and is one of three projects to have been completed by CCG since 2017 in partnership with hub West Scotland.

Located just south of Gourock town centre, the new school building has been constructed directly adjacent to its predecessor (now demolished) on the grounds of the former schools’ blaes pitches and playing fields.

Inverclyde Council’s school estate programme set forth a mandate to improve all primary and secondary schools in the region in order to improve the learning environment for pupils and teaching staff by either constructing new buildings or refurbishing existing.

Items such as flexibility, sustainability and quality were key factors in determining the commercial viability of new-build vs refurb. Given the extent of facilities that required to be enhanced and added for an increasing school St Ninian’s school population, new build construction was chosen following a blueprint from recent school completions that placed emphasis on classroom sizes, flexible learning areas, energy performance and BREEAM accordance, and optimisation of activity spaces to create a more diverse learning environment.

A total of thirteen classrooms were created over two stories each positioned alongside various pupil learning hubs which are “outdoor” learning spaces set within the school building that open out on to the large playground area and landscaping. A sensory garden and a wetland study area also form additional layers to the landscaping strategy.

In addition to the classrooms, there is also a new gymnasium and dining hall that has been designed to include an additional “activity zone” that can provide space for events.

The St Ninian’s Primary School places emphasis on being inclusive with a focus on access and mobility which includes the provision of dedicated disabled parking spaces, level access and lift access.

As part of the delivery of St Ninian’s, CCG was able to undertake a series of community benefit initiatives including the provision of jobs (2) apprenticeships (2 bricklayers), work placements (2) as well as curriculum support for the school’s pupils and the £2,000 donation to a school art project.

Inverclyde Council/ hub West Scotland

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£10 million

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