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PVCU Sustainability Credentials

CCG’s environmental credentials are well known and we value the creation of products that are both sustainable and kinder to our planet as well as being of the highest quality standard.

Working with Rehau, our clients can benefit from a process known as co-extrusion. Previously, window profiles were primarily made via the mono-extrusion method and used virgin PVC. Co-extrusion (i.e. multi-layer extrusion) adds a second extruder to the operation that processes a second material and combines the best characteristics of both materials. If recycled material is used in the process, the advantages are clear; the returning concept keeps valuable raw materials in the production cycle and thus makes it possible to re-use materials in similar product applications even after their initial product life cycle.

Co-extrusion is an innovative method of producing top-quality window profiles, enabling different PVC materials to be processed on the core of the profile and the outer skin. The result is a product range that is created using up to 80% recycled materials that are combined with manufacturing and construction processes that are proven to lower waste and carbon emissions. An indigenous logistical infrastructure is also intrinsic to CCG and Rehau’s partnership, an offering that further reduces our carbon footprint and is unique when compared to continental-based PVCu product suppliers.

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