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CCG Manufacturing

CCG Manufacturing is at the forefront of craftsmanship and innovation in the design, manufacture, and supply of timber windows and doors.

The company creates a wide range of products using sustainably-sourced engineered timber and CAD/CAM integration which is delivered across two semi-automated manufacturing facilities based at CCG HQ in the Cambuslang Investment Park and in the Clydesmill Industrial Estate.

Each facility has the capability of producing 20,000+ units per year, combining the very latest software and expert craftspeople to deliver the highest levels of quality and security as well as fire and environmental performance.

Clients are offered complete flexibility in the level of specification with wide-ranging choices for ironmongery, glass, paint colours and  locking mechanisms, amongst others, all adhereing to the finish  ISO BM TRADA quality standard.

The full CCG Manufacturing product range consists of:

  • Timber and Aluclad Fully Reversible Window
  • Timber and Aluclad Tilt and Turn Window
  • Timber and Aluclad Dual Turn Window
  • Fixed lights/screens
  • Internal doors
  • External doors
  • Flat entrance doors
  • Close entry door systems (fully SBD)
  • Bespoke products

For our door sets, fire performance is crucial. Be that new build housing or planned renewals, our engineered door products provide the very highest performance standards capable of achieving FD30 and in excess of FD60 minute fire resistance ratings thanks to high-specification and controlled closing mechanisms.

CCG Manufacturing directly integrates with companies from within the CCG Group including in Construction and offsite manufacturing (CCG OSM) where products are installed into new build homes or with Asset Management and Specialist Building Services in the supply and fit of planned maintenance workstreams. This holistic approach provides clients with a clear chain of responsibility and an assurance of delivery, quality and value.

CCG Manufacturing is ranked 1st in the SPA WD1 Framework workstream for Scotland whilst CCG Asset Management is ranked 1st for installation so for public sector clients interested in securing their services, check out the workstream guide HERE.