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CCG Manufacturing

CCG Manufacturing is at the forefront of craftsmanship and innovation in the design, manufacture, and supply of timber and aluminium clad windows and doors.

CCG Manufacturing’s capabilities stem from a highly innovative manufacturing hub in Cambuslang, Glasgow, producing window and door products from two semi-automated manufacturing facilities, based at CCG HQ in the Cambuslang Investment Park and in the Clydesmill Industrial Estate respectively.

Each with a manufacturing capability of 20,000+ units a year, CCG Manufacturing utilise the very latest software as well as experienced craftspeople that service a production line that is capable of delivering the highest quality product whilst maximising security and environmental efficiency.

The principal material for the windows and doors is timber. Timber offers inherent flexibility in order to craft windows and doors whilst reducing heat loss: CCG Manufacturing products can reach a U Value as low as 0.5. Sustainability is in mind for the manufacturing process as well as CCG Manufacturing operates a zero-waste environment. With a central location and a far more efficient process, clients can be assured of a product that is near limitless in specification and finish (including millions of colours applied by a robotic paint machine) that are produced with a vastly reduced carbon footprint.

Where CCG Manufacturing is ahead of the curve is in the use of technology. By utilising CNC machines, CCG Manufacturing can consistently position all ironmongery with the highest degree of precision as well as producing products up to 50% faster with a higher level of output when compared to other manufacturing methods. In addition, machines such as the robotic painting system take the products to full completion with a controllable, consistent finish that is up to 25% faster than if it was done by hand.

The full CCG Manufacturing product range consists of:

  • Timber and Aluclad Fully Reversible Window
  • Timber and Aluclad Tilt and Turn Window
  • Timber and Aluclad Dual Turn Window
  • Fixed lights/screens
  • Internal doors
  • External doors
  • Flat entrance doors
  • Close entry door systems (fully SBD)
  • Bespoke products

CCG Manufacturing’s parent company and principle client is CCG (Scotland) Ltd and is one of the most widely used within the Group supplying products for projects delivered by CCG Construction, covering new build housing, schools, nurseries and care facilities, as well as supplying products to Asset Management and Specialist Building Services for a wide variety of planned maintenance contracts.

To underline CCG Manufacturing’s commitment to clients, a 10 year ‘One Supply and Fit Guarantee’ is provided on each product from within the range.