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CCG is proud to announce its 50th anniversary in 2024, marking five decades of innovation across the Scottish construction sector.

Founded in 1974 as a small heating and plumbing contractor, CCG has grown into a full-service construction and manufacturing company, one of the largest of its kind in the country, with 738 dedicated employees across eight, fully integrated divisions.

The Group’s annual turnover for construction now exceeds £240 million, with 90% of the business being the delivery of mixed-tenure housing,

To commemorate this significant milestone, CCG’s Board of Directors – Alastair Wylie, Chairman and CEO; Bernard Rooney, Financial Director, Managing Director, David Wylie, and Directors Calum Murray, Stephen Ruxton, John Baggley, and Graeme Wylie – were pictured together at company headquarters in Cambuslang this week.

Alastair Wylie, who has been CEO since 1994, said:

“As we reflect on this remarkable half-century, CCG stands tall as an industry leader—a testament to resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to construction. The Scottish construction landscape has shifted, but alongside our peers, we continue to deliver excellence in the face of ever-changing economic conditions.

“Our success has been achieved with a clear strategy of investment in our products and people. As we stand here today at our headquarters in the Cambuslang Investment Park which we built 23 years ago, I am immensely proud of our continued, sustainable growth and am thankful for the continued support of our employees, partners and clients.”

CCG operate principally as a main contractor however; the business has strategically evolved to offer a wide range of in-house services and technical expertise that combine to deliver a ‘whole’ approach to project delivery from concept to completion.

The manufacture of timber systems and window and door sets; main utilities; M&E and Renewable Services, and plumbing and joinery trades are also being used to support a new build housing programme that is currently in excess of 2500 mixed tenure homes across the Central Belt.

Valuable planned maintenance for occupied homes under the tenancy of RSL’s and councils also forms part of their offering alongside CCG Homes, the firm’s private housing division which is currently marketing two developments in Glasgow and the West.

CCG Managing Director David Wylie has been with the Group for 25 years and credits the continued support and investment of the Board for positioning the business as an industry leader for sustainable housing delivery across the country.

He said:

“The CCG Group is uniquely placed to address Scotland’s housebuilding and sustainability targets because of our Board’s commitment to reinvest and there is no greater example than CCG OSM.

“Fourteen years ago, we opened CCG Offsite Manufacturing (OSM); a £12m facility that uses a mix of craftsmanship and automation to design and fabricate closed panel timber systems.

“The process of using offsite manufacturing to create entire walls – complete with service zones, insulation, wall linings, windows and external doors – in factory conditions is an inherently more efficient way of constructing new homes and buildings. It has been the blueprint for CCG ever since and was the catalyst for the expansion of our product offering which is unlike anything in Scotland.”

Alongside innovation in construction, CCG places a strong emphasis on its people. The company is well known for its approach to youth employment and skills development, something that is evident across its workforce with 55 trade and modern apprentices, 12 trainees, and 25% of all staff under the age of 28.

David Wylie continued:

“Sitting behind our innovation is the lifeblood of CCG: our people. Without their efforts, we simply wouldn’t be the business we are today, and I am extremely proud of the transformative work they are doing and the legacy they are helping leave across the country. Building Futures isn’t just about construction, it is about people and the community, and we will always provide opportunities to help build ours and their future.”

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