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CCG Asset Management, the planned maintenance division of the CCG Group, is making progress with installing 2400 Janex windows for 300 residences in Renfrewshire and Glasgow.

The high-performance windows have been installed at 148 residences in Paisley for Williamsburgh Housing Association whilst work is advancing for Glen Oaks Housing Association at a further 170 residences in Darnley.

CCG will also install 340 of their own, external door sets as part of the maintenance workstream.

Fabricated using solid timber in the firm’s bespoke manufacturing facility in Glasgow, the doors are completed entirely – including all glazing, ironmongery and robotically-applied paintwork – before reaching the residence.

Lisa Reynolds, Head of Property Services for Williamsburgh Housing Association stated:

“CCG have been an excellent service provider throughout the programme to install the energy-efficient, triple-glazed windows manufactured by Janex.

Our Tenants have been highly satisfied with the process from start to finish and we will be liaising with CCG for the next phase of installations on our properties.”

Daniel McElhinney, Managing Director of Janex said:

 “We are delighted to partner with CCG in supplying high-performance, triple-glazed aluminium-clad timber windows and timber composite external door sets. Working closely with CCG’s Asset Management team ensures that accurate coordination and onsite management goes smoothly, especially in occupied homes.

“We are proud to play our part in helping both housing associations work towards future-proofing their housing stock whilst working towards net zero carbon. Once completed, over 2400 windows and 340 doors will have been installed which is a testament to both Williamsburgh Housing Association and Glen Oaks Housing Association’s ambition to future-proof their existing housing stock whilst working towards net zero carbon for the future.

“We would like to thank CCG Asset Management for entrusting Janex in this partnership.”

CCG Asset Management Manager, Jim Cunningham, said:  

“Whilst the CCG Group offers our own range of window and door products for planned maintenance, we are readily available to support clients and their individual choices.

“The Janex windows that have been used for both Williamsburgh and Glen Oaks are highly durable and long-lasting, and the same can be said for our external door sets which are manufactured to an exacting quality standard just 25 minutes from the point of installation.

“My thanks go to the associations and Janex as well as our contracts teams who have undertaken their respective workstreams diligently and with minimal impact on the day-to-day lives of residents.”

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