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Highly energy-efficient windows are to be installed in 111 properties in Lanarkshire as part of a planned maintenance workstream led by Lanarkshire Housing Association in Motherwell.

CCG (Scotland) will be responsible for the fabrication, supply and fit of their own, ‘Passivhaus’ accredited window known as the GENEO, which is designed by the leading polymer supplier, REHAU UK.

The term ‘Passivhaus’ is commonly used in new housebuilding whereby homes are created to such an enhanced standard of performance and are so well-insulated, they require very little need for space heating.

The GENEO Window works similarly; the product is triple-glazed and has insulation integrated into the frame to drastically reduce heat loss.

This standard of finish also improves soundproofing whilst uPVC as a material offers enhanced durability with greater resistance to weathering over a 40-year lifespan.

Lanarkshire Housing Association Chairperson, Charles Millar, said:

“The Association will deliver a “fabric first” project through the installation of high-quality triple glazing.  This will improve energy efficiency and make tenants’ homes warmer and easier to heat.  We are delighted to acknowledge the financial contribution of the Scottish Ministers and Social Housing Net Zero Fund Programme.”

The window products are also being installed alongside composite door sets also manufactured and fitted by CCG.

CCG Manufacturing Manager, Craig Smith, said:

“We launched our new, uPVC window and door factory in 2020 and since then, we have established a manufacturing capability that can deliver in excess of 15,000 units per year which has been achieved as a result of strategic investment by the CCG Board and the formation of our UK-based partnership with REHAU UK.

“The GENEO Window has been used to support the delivery of over 100 Passivhaus homes in Glasgow but given the very nature of the product and the advantages it can bring to existing homes, it is no surprise to see them now being used in planned maintenance workstreams.

“When you consider that this product can reduce heat loss associated with comparable, older window products by as much as 76%, it is a no-brainer in this current cost of living crisis and we are delighted to be working with Lanarkshire HA and their tenants on this contract.”

CCG Asset Management Manager, Jim Cunningham, said:

“Alongside the enhanced energy performance characteristics, the GENEO window product will also generate long-term added value for Lanarkshire Housing Association in the form of reduced maintenance costs as uPVC is not prone to rot or weathering. Our installation team will also ensure a high-quality finish and will minimise intrusion upon the occupier over our 10-week programme.”

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