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Fjordhus Construction Ltd. is a design and build company based in Galashiels, south Scotland. The company offers construction services to clients from within the self-build sector specialising in bespoke, private housing.

CCG OSM has long been a strategic partner of Fjordhus due to the benefits of using off-site manufacturing processes to support self-build construction, specifically through the use of the ‘iQ’ Timber System, with a variety of contracts undertaken across the UK every year.

Enhanced levels of specification are met with ease of transportation thanks to OSM’s logistical expertise and rapid site erection when on site. Thanks to these benefits, Fjordhus is offered the flexibility to operate- as far south as Southampton and as remote as the western and northern isles of Scotland.

A leading example of how the iQ System has benefited the delivery of a project is the Isle of Harris. Located in the north-west of Scotland, this remote Hebridean island is a stunning example of the complexity associated with self-build given the rural and often harsh landscape that can bring challenges to residential construction. Accessibility, harsh weather conditions, and a limited logistical network are all key components to the build programme that are accommodated by the flexibility of using offsite processes and namely, the closed panel composition of the ‘iQ’ System. Furthermore and particularly for locations such as the Isle of Harris, once construction is underway, the speed of erection and installation of i’Q’ negates the issues presented by the exposure to weather conditions.

Isle of Harris was completed in 2017.


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