Building Futures

The CCG Net Zero Home

The emerging climate crisis is this generation’s greatest challenge. CCG believe the time for net zero is now.

With the aim of reducing our country’s Greenhouse Gas emissions, the Scottish Government has set a target to become a net zero economy by 2045

Steps towards this future are already being taken within the housebuilding sector, namely with the introduction of new, enhanced building regulations, the removal of gas from all new build homes by the end of 2024 and the recently-announced Housing to 2040 Vision which has identified all new build homes delivered by Registered Social Landlords and local authorities are to be zero emissions by 2026

These ambitious targets are not in our long-term future so the steps to align housing policy and technology must be undertaken now to ensure that we sustain housing supply across the public and private sectors whilst reducing our emissions and tackling fuel poverty.

In response, CCG has created the Net Zero Home, a new building standard that combines existing construction methods and building services – delivered by a fully integrated, in-house solution from the CCG Group – that is capable of reducing carbon emissions arising from regulated operational energy use to a level less than or equal to

Based on an entirely gas-free solution, compliance has been demonstrated across a wide range of house and flat types as a result of using Dynamic Simulation Modelling with Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), a methodology for calculating the energy performance of dwellings, enabling the standard to be applied to developments of varying forms and size.

It is created by combining:

Working in partnership with MAST Architects and Carbon Futures, the resultant range of highly-optimised house types offer our clients a viable, future-proof solution for mainstream housing delivery in Scotland that delivers significant energy savings for tenants and homeowners alike as well as a vast reduction in emissions.

The CCG Net Zero Home. The home of the future, today.