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The 1000th tenants of North Lanarkshire Council’s new build housing programme were greeted by Council Leader Jim Logue, Convener of Housing, Councillor Michael McPake and dignitaries from the Council’s management team this past Friday [25/08/23] to celebrate this very special milestone.

Mr & Mrs Robert and Agnes Logan are settling into their new two-bedroom net zero home on the site at Dykehead Road; a 150-home development that forms part of the Holehills Regeneration in Airdrie that is presently being constructed by CCG.

The project, one of four under construction by CCG on behalf of the Council across the region, is the first to include ‘pilot’ homes delivered to an operational net zero carbon standard of build.

A total of 19 dwellings, including that of Mr and Mrs Logan, utilise an enhanced specification to achieve operational net zero* with a super-insulated building fabric and the use of triple-glazing complemented by a zero-emissions energy strategy that includes an air-source heat pump and solar panels with battery storage. 

The combination of these measures is already positively impacting Mr and Mrs Logan.

They said:

“We love our new home. We’d previously lived in a high-rise tower for many years and it’s been such a change for us. It’s great having a brand new home with a front and back door and a driveway and we love getting out into the garden.

“The size of the rooms is good too and we’ve already noticed that living in an energy-efficient home is helping to keep our rooms cosier and reduce the cost of our energy bills. It’s a lovely development and we’re very happy here.”

Convener of Housing, Councillor Michael McPake, thanked Mr & Mrs Logan for a warm welcome.

He said:

“I’m delighted to hear how happy they are in their new home and that they are already seeing the benefits of net zero living.

“These are our first net zero homes and feature a range of energy efficiency measures…All of these features make our homes more energy efficient, help reduce our carbon footprint and help tackle fuel poverty. We’re committed to transforming towns and communities and delivering on our plans for the future of North Lanarkshire to make it a better place for people to live in, and our council house programme is vital to that ambition.”

Not only are the new pilot homes utilising the Net Zero Home build standard, but they also form part of an industry-leading case study for the research and analysis of embodied carbon and whole-life carbon. Working alongside energy and sustainability partner Carbon Futures, CCG is assessing carbon emissions at every stage of build in order to truly understand our carbon footprint and how we are to achieve true net zero within the coming years.

*Operational net zero carbon is associated with reducing greenhouse gas emissions arising from operational energy use and does not constitute to the homes’ overall construction. 

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