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CCG (Scotland) has successfully handed over eleven net zero carbon homes in Airdrie this April, representing a first for the business since launching the Net Zero Home building standard in 2020 and a first for the Council and region of North Lanarkshire.

The eleven homes, comprising two and three-bedroom terraced and semi-detached houses and two-bedroom cottage flats, will form part of nineteen net zero homes that will be delivered at Dykehead Road in Airdrie, a major, housing-led regeneration that will comprise a total of 150 affordable homes for social rent.

Housing Convener, Councillor Heather Brannan-McVey, said:

“I’m delighted to see our first net zero homes available for tenants here in North Lanarkshire. These homes reaffirm our commitment to embracing and investing in new technology that improves energy efficiency and comforts for our tenants, reduces emissions and consumption while minimising fuel poverty.

“We’ve all seen the impact of climate change caused by human activity and greenhouse gases and in response to the climate emergency, the council set a net zero target for 2030. We’re taking steps towards this by aligning our housebuilding strategy with construction methods and technology, ensuring we can meet these ambitious emissions targets as well as sustaining housing demand.

“We are committed to transforming towns and communities and delivering on our plans for the future of North Lanarkshire to make it a better place for people to live in, and our council house programme is vital to that ambition.”

The ‘Net Zero Home’ standard was launched by CCG in 2020 and developed in partnership with Carbon Futures in response to changing building standards and the emerging climate agenda.

The combination of offsite Modern Methods of Construction and entirely renewable energy is utilised to achieve net zero; CCG’s ‘iQ’ Timber System, a closed panel timber frame solution, is integrated with enhanced insulation, and their own, triple-glazed windows and enhanced door sets combine to create an inherently airtight home that drastically reduces heat loss.

An ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) replaces the traditional gas central heating system and additional solar panels are installed on the roof of each dwelling.

The concept is being utilised to deliver new affordable homes across the country, however, Dykehead Road and the nineteen pilot homes are the first to use battery storage, installed by CCG Group member Arc-Tech (Scotland), which links to the solar panels on the roof to capture and store energy for later use.

By taking advantage of variable energy tariffs, the use of the storage system, combined with a reduction in the demand for energy, will significantly lower annual fuel bills for the occupier.

CCG Managing Director, David Wylie, added:

“The handover of these new homes marks a significant milestone for CCG as they are the first to be completed since we launched our Net Zero Home building standard in 2020. It is fitting that we have achieved this at Dykehead Road, a major regeneration scheme for North Lanarkshire Council who are also one of our largest clients.

“I am in no doubt that the new tenants will see a remarkable difference to their fuel bills, which is a testament to our work during this cost-of-living crisis and commend the Council for taking the steps forward to wider net zero housing delivery. We look forward to handing over the remainder of the development over this year.”

Alongside the creation of the new homes, CCG is also supporting the wider community. A total of two new jobs, three trade apprenticeships and five work placements have been created whilst financial donations have been made to the Council and the North Lanarkshire foodbank.

Over 200 pupils across the region have also been engaged as part of the DYW (Developing Young Workforce) Building Futures webinar series.

Dykehead Road is supported by a grant funding contribution of £9.7m from the Scottish Government.

Pictured: CCG Managing Director David Wylie with representatives from North Lanarkshire Council 

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