Building Futures


Name: Kevin McDaid
Age: 28
From: Kirkintilloch
Trainee Programme: Trainee Contract Supervisor

I joined CCG as a joinery apprentice and after serving as a self-employed joiner, sub-contracting to CCG, I then joined CCG OSM. I believe this progression has served me well as I have gained valuable experience – nearly 11 years of working with the company – and with that, I fully understand the working environment and the expectations that the company has on work ethic and quality standards.

Management has always been a goal of mine and so when I found out about the role with CCG OSM, I wanted to give it a go. Now that I am in the role, I am glad to say that it was the correct decision.

My day-to-day roles cover the coordination of deliveries of the ‘iQ’ Timber System to our development sites and once there, I work closely with the kit erectors to ensure that all of the necessary material/fixings are in place to complete the build. Once the timber system programme is complete, I am responsible for signing off and handing over to the site team.

The trainee programme is allowing me to experience what it means to be a manager and I am gaining valuable insight into how to operate in that role as well as learning new things. I have recently finished my first project; that is a big milestone in my journey so far and I am enjoying the responsibility of the Contract Supervisor role. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a challenge when there are lots of projects on the go but I have a great team behind me that gives me daily support.

For me, the programme has been a great way to get my foot in the door and up the ladder in management. Construction has been my life but I understood what I needed to do to progress – I think if anyone is at a loose-end, they should think hard about upskilling as it has been invaluable to my own progression!