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Bellevue Gardens is the latest development that is being taken forward as part of CCG (Scotland) and East Ayrshire Council’s strategic housebuilding partnership comprising the first new build, affordable homes delivered to an ‘operational net zero’ standard of performance.

CCG began working with the Council in 2017 and since then, we have created over 200 affordable homes across the regional area and currently have four live contracts that will contribute a further 83 homes over the next year.

Through collaborative working practices, CCG, East Ayrshire and MAST Architects have designed homes that respond to an identified need; creating a new build specification that has taken CCG house types and adapted them to align with the Council’s specification, offering continuity of product, across all identified sites to deliver value for money and lower long-term maintenance.

The brief in this instance was to deliver homes that were future-proof and fit for purpose with the adoption of ‘offsite’ Modern Methods of Construction that would afford such flexibility to the Council and generate added value for the end-user. With proven delivery, East Ayrshire is now looking toward the future with CCG through the adoption of the CCG Net Zero Home build standard beginning with Bellevue Gardens, the Council’s first ‘operational net zero’ housing development.

The project comprises the redevelopment of a brownfield site in Bonnyton with up to 18 two, three, and four-bedroom homes including a fully wheelchair-adapted bungalow. All of the homes are also fully Housing for Varying Needs compliant.

‘Operational’ net zero is attributed to the lowering of greenhouse gas emissions arising from regulated energy use to a rate less than or equal to zero. Regulated energy comes from such things as lighting, heating, cooling, pumps, and fans, and is unaffiliated with the use of appliances or media equipment. It is achieved through the combination of:

  • Fabric performance – placing an emphasis on a Fabric First Approach to the build, CCG achieves enhanced airtightness through the use of the ‘iQ’ Timber System and the integration of low U-value components such as triple-glazed windows and enhanced door sets – also manufactured by CCG – that combine to minimise heat loss and lower in-use energy demand.
  • Renewables – in comparison to current Scottish building standards such as Section 6 and 7, an increased number of solar PV panels are installed to the roof of each dwelling.
  • Heating – all of the homes utilise an entirely gas-free strategy for heating and hot water delivery through the use of an aSHP (Air-Source Heat Pump). Conventional radiators are used internally for space heating requirements.
  • Ventilation – cMEV (Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation) prevents overheating and improves airflow to create a comfortable level of airtightness throughout the home

Bellevue Gardens is set for completion in early-2023.

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