Building Futures

CCG Offsite Manufacturing (OSM)

Offsite Manufacturing is the creation of components, modules or entire buildings in a factory setting, which is then assembled on a site; a technology that CCG has been researching and developing for nearly 20 years.

CCG Offsite Manufacturing (OSM) is a leading manufacturer of panelised timber systems based in Glasgow that was founded by parent company, and principal client, CCG (Scotland) Ltd in 2010 after £12m of private investment from the CCG Board of Directors.

CCG OSM extends to 130,000 sq ft and is a semi-automated, 3-lane manufacturing line – one of the most advanced in the United Kingdom – that utilises CAD-CAM software to create the ‘iQ’ Timber System, a fully enhanced closed panel solution inclusive of insulation, internal wall linings, service zones, windows and doors with the capability of also accepting lightweight claddings.

The ‘iQ’ Timber System is created to be inherently flexible towards the delivery of new homes and buildings. When combined with CCG’s construction expertise, it can greatly aid the site-based environment with an assurance of quality standards; a safer, more efficient site environment, and an enhanced speed of installation and erection.

Furthermore, the ‘iQ’ Timber System is incredibly thermally efficient with the adoption of a Fabric First Approach to construction. Recent research was undertaken to analyse the level of ‘thermal bridging’ – heat transfer – that is created when using the system in the construction of housing. This was performed with energy partners Carbon Futures and the results showed that the specification detail of the ‘iQ’ Timber System when utilised in a typical 2-storey home, the rate of heat loss is 34% more efficient than current British Standards. With this knowledge, we have then taken steps to further reduce heat transfer in our homes.

Through the combined use of Modern construction techniques, CCG is able to achieve Passivhaus standards of performance.

As an extension of the research undertaken into timber systems, CCG and CCG OSM have worked directly with academic partners Edinburgh Napier University to research the use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in the construction of flatted developments. This saw the delivery of Ellerslie Road, Yoker, and, as a hybrid solution, Admiral Street, Glasgow.


CCG OSM is a proud member of the Structural Timber Association (STA), an industry organisation that provides expert technical guidance research into the applied use of timber technology. CLICK HERE to visit their website.