Building Futures

CCG Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM)

Off-Site Manufacturing is the creation of components, modules or entire buildings in a factory setting, which are then assembled on site; a technology that CCG has been researching and developing for nearly 20 years.

CCG Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) is a leading manufacturer of structural timber systems based in Glasgow that was founded by parent company, and principal client, CCG (Scotland) Ltd in 2010 after £12m of private investment from the CCG Board of Directors.

The facility was launched after CCG foresaw changes to the construction industry with increased demand, changes to building standards and an impending labour and material shortfalls.

Striving for quality, CCG wanted to remove as many inefficiencies from the construction site as possible in order to deliver the highest standard of product for our clients and end-users.

CCG OSM extends to 130,000 sq ft and is a semi-automated, 3-lane manufacturing line that utilises CAD CAM software to create panelised timber systems from a structural kit to a fully enhanced panel solution inclusive of insulation, internal wall linings, service zones, windows and doors with the capability of accepting lightweight claddings. The ‘iQ’ panelised system is manufactured with consistent quality and with greater tolerances determined by fewer panels, junctions and thermal bridges, it can offer better air-tightness and improved thermal efficiency whilst lowering long-term maintenance when compared with similar or traditionally constructed systems.

CCG OSM also designs and manufactures roof and floor cassettes as well as specialist timber solutions that cannot otherwise be delivered on the manufacturing line.

CCG OSM’s principal client is CCG (Scotland) Ltd and with that, the target markets of the parent company are reciprocated to CCG OSM. Affordable housing accounts for 75% of the CCG Group’s market activity working with clients from the public and private sector. Unless it is otherwise specified, CCG utilises the ‘iQ’ closed panel timber system for all residential projects, bringing with it an assurance of delivery thanks to CCG’s construction expertise.

CCG OSM also operates with clients on a supply-only basis to the public and private sectors. This has led to partnerships with contractors in the self-build market as well as the Education sector including the major delivery of educational buildings with Fife Council.

As an extension of the research undertaken into timber systems, CCG and CCG OSM have worked directly with academic partners Edinburgh Napier University to research the use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). In light of skills and material shortage affecting the UK industry, CCG has looked for solutions that can combat these external pressures with CLT, a form of structural timber that offers enhanced strength and environmental properties, as being an option that could be used to replace traditional masonry in flatted developments.

Whilst CCG Construction has utilised the system in its entirety at Ellerslie Road, Yoker, the basis of R&D will continue to understand how the ‘iQ’ system and CLT can be used as a hybrid solution for flatted developments. Currently being used as a solution at a development under construction in Glasgow, CCG will analyse the on-site benefits of using CLT in this form with the aim of improving speed of construction and energy performance as well as creating a more efficient site environment.


CCG OSM is a proud member of the Structural Timber Association (STA), an industry organisation that provides expert technical guidance research into the applied use of timber technology. CLICK HERE to visit their website.