Building Futures


As champions of Modern Methods of Construction in Scotland, CCG is proud to have an offering unlike that available anywhere else in our industry with a ‘whole’ construction service based upon a drive to enhance quality, reduce waste and inefficiency, and improve environmental performance.

We bring unique versatility to overall project delivery with in-house technical expertise combining collaboratively with our clients to deliver optimised solutions from land acquisition and design concept to full, Main Construction delivery that is supported by a large, direct labour force and divisional expertise in the areas of timber system, window and door manufacturing; M&E; multi-utilities; plumbing services, and flooring installation. We also offer services in the area of building renewal including full retrofitting capability.

CCG’s focus on quality is driven by a desire to deliver the highest quality standard at best value as well as customer service. Our experience with public procurement frameworks or directly-negotiated workstreams has helped us drive efficiency from pre-contract to site, a positive, collaborative working process that has been evidenced across the breadth of the country.

Fostered by an honest and open approach to collaboration with an ambition for excellence in everything that we do, CCG will always put quality at the centre of everything that we do.